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We are YOUR Personal Fashion Consultants!

Unsure what to wear to the class reunion? Don’t know if that plaid jacket is still in fashion? Have an event to attend and don’t know what is appropriate?  FEAR NOT, we have answers and items to fit both your style and budget.Call ahead or stop in and we’ll be happy to help you with any fashion question. Lots of years of experience and a flair for fashion makes us trusted friends when it comes to clothing queries.

We also offer private after-hours parties!

Schedule a party to celebrate your new job, to celebrate weight loss, got married, got divorced, whatever the reason - let's celebrate with style!

Join your friends for an Out With The Old, In With The New consignment party at Elite Repeats. Your after-hours, private party includes our signature martinis, wine and cheese, a 25% discount store-wide, and plenty of fun and friendship, girl-style!

All you do is bring your gently-used clothing (on hangers), jewelry, and purses. We do the rest!

Give us a call to schedule your private party today! 440-853-6668